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Q. With all the free lessons on You Tube why do I need to pay for lessons with a guitar teacher ?
A. There are some very good lessons and players/teachers on You Tube - Lindsay has a channel ! However, even the best lessons on You Tube generally only show the student how to play a piece eg. where to put your fingers - they rarely break down things in to practical components, for example what to practice and how to maximize it. Videos NEVER interact with the student and tell them when they are playing something wrong (or right for that matter!) and more importantly how to go about solving any individual problems. The most effective way to learn is with a qualified and experienced teacher who will be receptive and responsive to your own particular and individual requirements.
Q. Do you teach beginners ?
A. Absolutely ! It is great to work with someone who has never played before and get them started playing effectively and with no bad habits ! Many students that take lessons do actually start as complete beginners so Lindsay is exceptionally experienced in making the first steps easy and enjoyable with fast results so beginners are definitely most welcome !
Q. Is my child too young/ am I too old to start lessons ?
A. There is no upper limit for learning guitar, and indeed those of retirement age often find it a rewarding pastime that they can commit time to and enjoy. Children of around 8 years age and upwards should manage the physical and concentration demands, though Lindsay has successfully taught children as young as 5 years so it does depend on the individual child. For very young and small children it is worth considering Ukulele as a starting instrument and the parent can also participate !
Q. How many lessons do I need to take ?
A. It is entirely up to you and depends on what you aim to achieve, what level you want to play to and your own capabilities and commitment. Some people take lessons over a number of years and become very competent players, while others take several months worth to get them started or take their playing that bit further. Many students, particularly adults, enjoy the lesson experience and find it helps them relax after a hard day's work and gives them a deeper appreciation of the music they like as well as improving their playing skills.
Q. Do I have to be learn to read music ?
A. It depends on what music you want to play - for classical guitar, definitely, for jazz guitar it would be advantageous, but for electric rock and blues guitar TAB (tablature) is the normal format and in many ways is preferable. Students who use TAB are still given a foundation in understanding rhythm notation which is actually quite easy. All the main electric and steel string acoustic guitar grade exams are presented in TAB (with standard notation) and TAB has been used for over 500 years - lute players, like modern guitarists, used different scordatura (tunings) and in these cases tablature was more practical to read than re-learn notes on the fingerboard for the different tunings. Whilst Lindsay can teach standard notation, the specific needs and requirements of his students are more important - Lindsay wants his students to learn effectively and quickly. Any guitar teacher that insists you have to read music notation to play electric guitar well is ignoring the fact that Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page did not read music yet still pushed the boundaries of the instrument !
Q. I don't have a guitar can I still start lessons ?
A. Yes, though you will need your own guitar to practise between lessons. You can book a consultation lesson and try out several different guitars, acoustic and electric, and Lindsay will be able to advise you on types and models to suit the music you want to play. Locally, Kenny's Music (on The Green, just off Union Street) is the best place to look for and buy guitars.
Q. I have taken lessons with another teacher but stopped as I found them unproductive and it has put me off guitar lessons.
Unfortunately there are some people teaching guitar that are really not adequately qualified and/or lack the necessary experience, or perhaps they don't have the suitable attributes to teach the instrument effectively, or to even offer Grade Examinations. If you have had a negative experience with guitar lessons and have been put off why not contact Lindsay and arrange a consultation lesson to see how he can help and inspire you to get on the road to better playing ? Lindsay has helped many such players to realize that proper professional guitar lessons with an experienced teacher are productive and value for money. 
Q. I work offshore or work shifts on a rota. How do I go about booking lessons ?
A. Weekly lessons may not work out as some lessons will be missed and due to demand Lindsay can generally only block book these weekly slots for regularly attending clients. That said, some offshore clients are happy to book and pay for a suitable weekly time slot and attend when they can. If out of a block of pre-booked lessons you can only attend 2 half hour sessions it might be better value to consider 'Pay As You Go' lessons which can be booked to suit shifts and rotas. These are charged at £52 per hour for studio/online but may offer better value than weekly lessons where several may be missed each block.
Q. Where are the lessons given and do you do home lessons ?
A. Lindsay teaches 'in person' at his dedicated studio in an office suite in Central Aberdeen but does also offer online lessons at the same weekly block booked discouted rate - digital lessons are convenient for many and are cleaner, greener and still highly effective so what is not to like ? !


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